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Scales Marketplace

The Eclipse marketplace lists the products and companies that make the Eclipse ecosystem. Users can also directly install plugins from the marketplace into their own IDE by a single drag'n'drop. To setup the scales, we selected a set of 15 projects and applied the set of metrics to them.


The initial set of thresholds for metrics in Grimoire is the following.


The set of metrics used for the benchmark can be downloaded here.

People can select any number of projects as their favourites. This data is then displayed on the project's badge (in the UI) and made available through the Marketplace REST API. It shows the interest of people in projects. To improve this, some projects ask their users to go vote for them on the Marketplace.

Users can directly install a product from the Marketplace itself with a simple drag and drop in the IDE. This is a good way to disseminate a product, since users can test it really easily. The number of successful install counts only components installed from the Marketplace during the last 30 days.

List of projects used for the benchmark