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As stated in the home page, this project is driven by PolarSys members. Nevertheless, we would be pleased to hear from you: any feedback or comment is welcome.

Public mailing list

The best place to discuss concerns about the Maturity Assessment task force in general is the PolarSys mailing list, which is public. You can subscribe here, and look at the archives here.

Contact us

If there are any questions that you would like to discuss privately (say, a long discussion about a given metric that you do not want to bother the mailing list with) please do not hesitate to contact active members of the task force:

  • Boris Baldassari (Castalia Solutions)
      boris (dot) baldassari (by) gmail (dot) com.
      boris (dot) baldassari
  • GaĆ«l Blondelle (Eclipse Foundation)
      gael (dot) blondelle (by) eclipse (dot) org
  • Jesus Gonzalez-Barahona (Bitergia)
      jgb (by) bitergia (dot) com
  • Daniel Izquierdo (Bitergia)
      dizquierdo (by) bitergia (dot) com.

Meet us

We are present at major Eclipse events: we talked about the maturity assessment task force in EclipseCon France 2013 and 2014, and EclipseCon Europe 2014.