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About This web site

About the PolarSys maturity assessment project

PolarSys is an Eclipse Industry Working Group created by large industry players and by tools providers to collaborate on the creation and support of Open Source tools for the development of embedded systems. Members of PolarSys started working on a Maturity Assessment task force back in 2013, to assess and help improve quality of projects entering the PolarSys umbrella.

This project is driven by the PolarSys members: the definition of the quality model, attributes, metrics has been discussed on the public mailing list, and the full retrieval and analysis process has been presented a few times:

More information about the dashboard

The PolarSys maturity assessment dashboard relies on the open-source Alambic data management platform. You can learn more about this product on the project wiki. It is meant to be entirely customised to fit different software project contexts, and can be easily extended to include new data sources and visualisations. As an example you may have a look at other public services using it.

Regarding the PolarSys maturity assessment dashboard, the retrieval and analysis process is self-documented; most of the information available is directly integrated into this very web site: check the documentation page first

A lot of information is available in the PolarSys wiki. All updates are posted on the main page, and we try to keep the wiki updated. More specifically, you should have a look at the following pages:

The PolarSys mailing list is the place where all this is discussed. You can freely subscribe here, or read the public archives there.

Feedback, comments and contributions are welcome. The best place for discussing features and providing feedback is on the PolarSys mailing list.

What about your project?

Any project willing to enter the maturity assessment dashboard is welcome. However, the analysis requires some information in order to compute indicators, questions and attributes of quality. The following list details the mandatory data sources for a project to be analysed:

  • An entry in the PMI records: see projects.eclipse.org.
  • A SonarQube instance for the code-related metrics. The Eclipse main SonarQube instance is available at dev.eclipse.org/sonar
  • A hudson instance to get the last binaries, for the rule-checking metrics. See hudson.eclipse.org for more information.

We're ready to help!. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any question about the process, or if you want to add your project to the dashboard.